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104-fold isotope effect: Vibrational predissociation in ArDF



S Davis, J T. Farrell, D T. Anderson, David Nesbitt


High-resolution sub-Doppler line shapes for ArDf excited into the vDF=1 manifold are recorded using a turnable laser/slit supersonic expantion near-infrared spectrometer. Direct spectroscopic evidence is obtained for vibrational predissociation (τless than or equal to}130 ns), in dramatic contrast with the highly metastable ArHF (vHF=1) species (2.69140 MHz less than or equal to}4.3(8) MHz) observed in bolometry studies. To the best of our knowledge, this represents an unprecedentedly large (>104-fold), inverse isotope effect. Furthermore, a clear dependence of the ArDF predissociation rates on intermolecular mode, excited in combination with the DF stretch, is observed (61(30) ns ≥τVHFbend≥94(60) ns).
Chemical Physics Letters
No. 1-2


isotope, vibrational predissociation


Davis, S. , Farrell, J. , Anderson, D. and Nesbitt, D. (1996), 104-fold isotope effect: Vibrational predissociation in ArDF, Chemical Physics Letters (Accessed December 4, 2023)
Created June 30, 1996, Updated October 12, 2021