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Synthesis and longevity of candidate direct air capture (DAC) materials


Our team is focusing on developing reliable methods to characterize DAC materials for longevity and stability. We are currently focusing on aminosilane-silica materials and assessing their long-term stability. This work aligns with the DAC program's broader goal of establishing benchmark methods for DAC materials. A longevity protocol and setup for simulating material activation/reactivation are being developed.


Project Infographic for synthesis and longevity of candidate direct air capture (DAC) materials
Credit: Amanda Forster

We have been working on the identification and development of repeatable synthesis techniques for DAC materials for the purposes of generating repeatable samples for evaluating DAC characterization techniques. We have initially focused on impregnated and grafted aminosilane-silica materials. We are currently working on characterizing the longevity of candidate DAC materials. This effort is aligned with the DAC program goals of helping to establish benchmark methods. Our goal is to develop a longevity protocol and provide details of the experimental apparatus for performing thermal cycling to simulate activation and reactivation of the material.

Created December 13, 2023