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MAGIK Offspecular Reflectometer


The MAGIK reflectometer complements thePolarized Beam Reflectometer and theHorizontal-Geometry Reflectometer in providing specialized capabilities for measurements of in-plane scattering in addition to world-class depth-profiling (with specular reflectivity) of biological,battery/electrochemicalpolymer, and magnetic thin films.


Off-specular scattering Ewald construction

Off-specular scattering Ewald construction

Polarized-beam measurements are possible with the use of a 3He analyzer.

This instrument is an evolution of the AND/R reflectometer, which was located on the NG-1 guide. MAGIK is located along the NG-D guide in the expanded guide hall (part of the NCNR's Expansion Initiative).

Major Accomplishments

Interactive online scattering demos

(requires Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE9+)

reflectometry calculatorReflectometry calculator Practice aligningAlignment simulator Off-specular plannerOffspecular scattering planner


Refrigerators, furnaces, magnets, liquid cells, and lasers are available for control of sample environment. On-site x-ray reflectometry is available for additional sample characterization. If you're interested in performing an experiment, apply for beamtime, or contact one of the instrument scientists directly. Monetary assistance may be available for new facility users.

Created March 29, 2017, Updated September 28, 2018