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Iris Exchange (IREX) 10: Ongoing Evaluation of Iris Recognition


IREX 10 is a continuing evaluation of automated iris recognition technology.  Administered at the Image Group's Biometrics Research Laboratory (BRL), developers submit their matching software for analysis over sequestered test data.  As an ongoing evaluation, developers may submit their software at any time.

At present, only the Identification Track is being administered.  Biometric identification systems search individuals against large databases to determine their identity.  Most flagship deployments of iris recognition operate in identification mode, providing services ranging from prison management, border security, expedited processing, duplicate detection, and distribution of resources.  The latest results for this track will be linked below as soon as they become available.

Identification Track

Participation Agreement
Status: Open

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Contact Information

Inquiries and comments may be submitted to irex [at]


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Created May 31, 2019, Updated November 15, 2019