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Identity Credential Interoperability


It is desirable to ensure an interoperable and standards-based technical strategic direction for USG identity credentials, in particular for their interfaces, security framework, and interoperability components. Included in this effort is the first responder access card proposed by DHS.

This page is not currently being maintained and is for archival information only.

Please see our most recent work on IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT
(Cybersecurity @ NIST:


As the ISO/IEC 24727 technical standard for smart cards nears completion, enabling USG identity credentials to take advantage of the standard is desirable but our federal constituency requires a better understanding of the standard itself. In order to do this, an implementation and operational understanding of the standard is necessary. A series of NIST publications, potentially with use cases and profiles, will assist the application developer, system integrator, and user. Work activities will involve the consideration and use of established and emerging voluntary standards and USG requirements as mandated by federal governance.

Created March 13, 2009, Updated March 15, 2022