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Extreme Ultraviolet Detector Calibration Service


The extreme ultraviolet detector (EUVD) calibration service disseminates the U.S. national scale of detector responsivity in the wavelength range from 5 nm to 254 nm. The EUVD service stocks radiation-hardened silicon photodiodes and aluminum oxide photoemissive detectors that are calibrated and issued to customers. Additionally, customer-supplied detectors may calibrated if the detector is suitable as a transfer standard. Other optical characterizations are performed in the extreme ultraviolet, e.g. filter transmission or spatial uniformity.


silicon photodiode

A silicon photodiode issued as a transfer standard by the EUVD calibration service.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a wide variety of programs for the calibration of instruments and components for space-based research in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV). Many of these programs have been in existence since the 1960s, and have provided calibration support to NASA and international missions since that time. The customer base also includes university and corporate research laboratories, water purification companies, climate researchers, and the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Radiometric calibration of detectors, sensor packages, and entire spacecraft instruments is available in the EUV spectral range from 5 nm to 254 nm. NIST issues transfer standard detectors, either solar-blind, aluminum oxide photoemissive detectors or solid-state silicon photodiodes, in this spectral range with relative expanded uncertainties from 2 % to 10 %, with coverage factor k = 2, i.e., 2-s uncertainty.

Calibration service ID numbers and current fees are available on NIST's Calibrations web site. Every calibration order must specify one service ID 40710C "EUV Detector Calibration" for each device calibrated. The order must specify one or more of the calibration ranges (service IDs 40711C through 40714C) for each device. If NIST should furnish the photodiode, one of the new transfer standard tests (service IDs 40790C through 40791C) must be specified. Customers are encouraged to contact the NIST staff to discuss calibration needs and request a quotation.

Created August 28, 2015, Updated March 26, 2021