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Basic Metrology (Archive): New Statistical Analysis Tools


Members of the Radioactivity Group (RG) have been actively collaborating with statisticians in the NIST Statistical Engineering Division to identify new tools that would be of assistance in performing data and uncertainty analyses for our standardization work.


Several new powerful analysis programs, based on specific requests and evaluations by the RG members, have been developed by the SED collaborators. These tools are now available on the internal NIST web site. It is intended that they will eventually be made available to the general public. The new tools, on an "eMetrology" site that was modeled after the user-friendly "eFit" site, include simple-to-use ANOVA procedures, a multitude of different graphical data displays, and an analysis tool to obtain the consensus mean and uncertainty using 13 different methods.

Notice of Online Archive: This project ended in 2011 and thus this page is no longer being updated and remains online for informational and historical purposes only. The information is accurate as of February 2021. For questions about page contents, please contact Ronald Collé.

Created April 13, 2011, Updated February 26, 2021