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NASCTN has completed revising the Advanced Wireless Service 3 (AWS-3) Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Impacts on Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry (AMT) Test and Metrology Test Plan and adjudicating the comment matrix.Thank you for your participation and valuable contributions.  
This test plan proposal builds on and extends a previous NASCTN project that measured the out of band (OoB) LTE evolved Node B (eNB) and UE AWS-3 emissions into adjacent L and S (2200-2395 MHz) frequency band AMT systems. While the previous test measured general LTE OoB emissions, this project specifically measures the impact to AMT systems.
The results of the previous NASCTN project are documented in the completed report which was published simultaneously as NASCTN Report 4, NTIA Technical Report TR-18-528, and NIST Technical Note TN 1980.
The test design evaluated a variety of LTE transmitter modulations, resolution bandwidths, loading parameters, and handset models. The results reveal that AWS-3 LTE eNB and UE transmitted emission spectra are insensitive to variations in transmitter modulations and resource block configuration, and their power spectral densities were suppressed by at least 90-100 dB in the adjacent telemetry bands for the devices tested.
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Created July 30, 2018, Updated August 24, 2020