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Wavenumbers for Calibration of IR Spectrometers, Bibliography

We attempt here to include all references to papers giving infrared or microwave frequency (or wavenumber) measurements, as well as lineshape and intensity measurements that are relevant to this atlas. Papers involving bands not included in this atlas may be missing from this bibliography. Some papers are not included if they involve foreign gas broadening measurements only. For a more complete listing of pressure broadening papers see the pressure broadening compilations given below. When completely superseded, some of the older papers may not appear in this bibliography but they can be found referenced in the more recent papers.

Choose molecule(s): CO


Choose subject(s): Frequency measurements
Foreign gas broadening measurements
Intensity measurements
Laser-Stark measurements
Pressure shift measurements
Self-broadening measurements
Wavenumber or wavelength measurements
Created September 7, 2009, Updated September 26, 2016