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Veruska Malavé (Fed)

Mechanical Engineer

At a glance:

Dr. Malavé joined NIST in mid-2015 as a postdoc to work on diverse projects that aim connecting experimental work into virtual experiments by means of numerical modeling that can assist NIST vision. She has been motivated to elucidate solutions and theoretical interpretations to existing metrology techniques or new technique development of any physical phenomenon that can be “virtually grasped” in a model via formulation,  development, and application of continuum models. She is particularly interested in seeing pathways through decoupling the effects of multiple phenomena, multiphysics and multiscale problems. Dr. Malavé modeling contributions are presently oriented in the fields of computational fluid particle dynamics (CFPD) in breathalyzers, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in vapor-liquid equilibrium measurements by NMR spectroscopy, finite element (FE) and CFD in species diffusion into solid matter, coupling in FE+CFD micro-electromechanical systems and 3-D printing. In her spare time, Dr. Malavé enjoys navigating through meditation practices and embracing the present when practicing Ashtanga.  

Ongoing professional activities:

Lead Organizer of MRS Spring 2022 Symposium: Advanced Manufactured Materials--Innovative Experiments, Computational Modeling and Applications, Honolulu, HI. More in:  

Open application for NRC Postdoctoral Opportunity:


MML Early Career Recipient Accolade 

Outstanding Dissertation Award: "Chemo-elastic Behavior of Reconstructed Li-ion Battery Cathode Particles with Phase Transformation: A Numerical and Analytical Investigation" Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO.


Created November 12, 2018, Updated December 9, 2022