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Tom Heavner (Fed)

Tom Heavner joined the Time and Frequency Division in 1998 as part of the NIST Cs fountain primary frequency standards team.  Currently, Tom is working on a project aimed at incorporating a high-performance Sr ion optical clock into the NIST timescale.

Tom received his PhD in physics from JILA/University of Colorado in 1998. His thesis research was precision mass spectroscopy of single ions using a cryogenic Penning Ion Trap.  


A Cold-Atom Beam Clock, based on Coherent Population Trapping

John D. Elgin, Thomas P. Heavner, John E. Kitching, Elizabeth A. Donley, Jayson Denney, Evan Salim
We present results from a novel atomic clock which employs a beam of cold 87 Rb atoms and spatially separated (Ramsey) coherent population trapping

Bias Corrections in Primary Frequency Standards

Thomas E. Parker, Thomas P. Heavner, Steven R. Jefferts
Primary frequency standards serve the function of calibrating the rate of International Atomic Time, TAI, and therefore play a critical role in the accuracy of
Created June 18, 2019, Updated May 3, 2023