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Rosemary Astheimer (Fed)

Mechanical Engineer

Rosemary Astheimer is a Mechanical Engineer in the Smart Connected Manufacturing Systems group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). She works closely with industry and standards consortiums to improve the exchange of digital product data exchange using a Model-Based Definition (MBD). Her focus is on the development of STEP standards, including ISO 10303, for the computer-interpretable representation and exchange of product manufacturing information. She participates in the CAx Interoperability Forum, which tests implementations of the standard using her in-depth experience with major CAD systems, including CATIA V4, V5, NX, and Creo. Rosemary is on the Board of Directors of the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium, which established the Quality Information Framework (ISO 23952:2020)

Prior to joining NIST, Rosemary was an applications engineer at VISTAGY, Inc., assisting automotive and aerospace customers define composite designs. She transitioned to Product Manager of Creo Data Exchange at PTC, where she began focusing on the exchange of Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) through neutral formats such as STEP and JT. She instructed at Purdue University, sharing her CAD, MBD, PLM, and PDM knowledge with undergraduate and professional-level continuing education students before joining NIST in 2023.

Created January 18, 2023, Updated May 5, 2023