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Reva Schwartz (Fed)

Research Scientist, Principal Investigator for AI Bias

Reva Schwartz is a research scientist in the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) where she serves as Principal Investigator on Bias. A socio-technical researcher, her research focuses on real world testing methodologies for evaluating the societal impacts of AI systems, and driving understanding of socio-technical systems and practices within organizational settings. She has advised federal agencies about how experts interact with automation to make sense of information in high-stakes settings. 

Non-NIST Publications:

Towards Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Equitable Global Health, (2023) 

Author(s): Qin, H., Kong, J., Ding, W., Ahluwalia, R., El Morr, C., Engin, Z., Effoduh, J.O., Hwa, R., Guo, S.J., Seyyed-Kalantari, L., Muyingo, S.K., Moore, C.M., Parikh, R., Schwartz, R., Zhu, D., Wang, X., & Zhang, Y. 

The Role of Individual User Differences in Interpretable and Explainable Machine Learning Systems, (2020) 

Author(s): Gleaves, L.P., Schwartz, R., and Broniatowski, D.A. 


Created January 27, 2020, Updated May 24, 2024