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Osama Yousuf (IntlAssoc)

Osama Yousuf is a Ph.D. student in computer engineering at the George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA in the Adaptive Devices And Microsystems (ADAM) group. He received a B.S. degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics from Habib University, Pakistan in 2020. His research interests include robust neural network training algorithms, modelling emerging non-volatile memory devices, and prototyping ReRAM-based accelerators.

Selected Publications

A System for Validating Resistive Neural Network Prototypes

Brian Hoskins, Mitchell Fream, Matthew Daniels, Jonathan Goodwill, Advait Madhavan, Jabez J. McClelland, Osama Yousuf, Gina C. Adam, Wen Ma, Muqing Liu, Rasmus Madsen, Martin Lueker-Boden
Building prototypes of heterogeneous hardware systems based on emerging electronic, magnetic, and photonic devices is an increasingly important area of research
Created January 19, 2022, Updated December 9, 2022