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Michael Heck (Fed)

Fire Protection Engineer

Mr. Mike Heck joined NIST in 2020 after completing his Masters of Science degree in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland, where he studied the effects of wind and slope on wildland fire flame spread.  Mike was brought to the Fire Research Division at NIST to lead the design, construction, and operation of fire testing equipment of varying scales and product applications.  He worked on full-scale vertical fire spread tests to be used as inputs and validations in computational fire spread models.  Additionally, Mike manages the Fire Research Division’s Cone Calorimeter facility.


Report on High Energy Arcing Fault Experiments: Experimental Results from Medium-Voltage Bus Duct and Switchgear Enclosures

Gabriel Taylor, Anthony D. Putorti Jr., Scott Bareham, Christopher U. Brown, Wai Cheong Tam, Ryan Falkenstein-Smith, Stephen Fink, Michael Heck, Edward Hnetkovsky, Nicholas Melly, Kenneth Hamburger, Kenneth Miller
This report documents an experimental program designed to investigate high energy arcing fault (HEAF) phenomena for medium-voltage, metal-enclosed bus ducts and
Created November 11, 2020, Updated December 9, 2022