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Marion Le Bras (Assoc)


A data science challenge for converting airborne remote sensing data into ecological information

Sergio Marconi, Sarah J. Graves, Dihong Gong, Shahriari Nia Morteza, Marion Le Bras, Bonnie J. Dorr, Peter Fontana, Justin Gearhart, Craig Greenberg, Dave J. Harris, Sugumar A. Kumar, Agarwal Nishant, Joshi Prarabdh, Sandeep U. Rege, Stephanie A. Bohlman, Ethan P. White, Daisy Z. Wang
In recent years ecology has reached the point where a data science competition could be very productive. Large amounts of open data are increasingly available

NIST IAD DSE Evaluation Plan 2018

Bonnie J. Dorr, Peter Fontana, Craig Greenberg, Marion Le Bras, Maxime Hubert, Alexandre F. Boyer
This document describes the plan for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Information Access Division (IAD) Data Science Evaluation (DSE)

A New International Data Science Program

Bonnie J. Dorr, Craig Greenberg, Peter Fontana, Mark A. Przybocki, Marion Le Bras, Cathryn A. Ploehn, Oleg Aulov, Wo L. Chang
This article sets out to examine foundational issues in data science including current challenges, basic research questions, and expected advances, as the basis
Created April 3, 2019, Updated December 9, 2022