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Lynnora Grant (Fed)

Materials Research Engineer

Research Interest

My current research focus is on addressing critical challenges facing powder-based ceramic additive manufacturing (AM) processes. Powder-based ceramic AM often require post-processing to facilitate densification and achieve desirable mechanical properties. During my Ph.D., I developed methods to quantify the sintering mechanics of printed ceramic green parts treated with reactive binders by combining microstructural characterization, in situ mechanical testing, and structural evolution models. The aim of my Ph.D. research was to understand the effect of reactive binders on the interparticle contact area within the printed green parts and the role that the modified interparticle contact area has in preventing high temperature creep. Currently at NIST, I am investigating the rheology of slurry-based printing processes and the effect that these processing methods have on the structure of green parts.


NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship 2022
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship 2019
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2017

Created October 12, 2022, Updated April 24, 2023