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Josh Gordon (Fed)


Robotic Antenna Measurements

Josh Gordon
Robots excel at manipulating objects with 6 degree of freedom movement. A combination of well-defined kinematics, optimized control loops, and robust mechanical

Summary: Workshop on Machine Learning for Optical Communication Systems

Joshua A. Gordon, Abdella Battou, Michael P. Majurski, Dan Kilper, Uiara Celine, Massimo Tonatore, Joao Pedro, Jesse Simsarian, Jim Westdorp, Darko Zibar
Optical communication systems are expected to find use in new applications that require more intelligent and automated functionality. Optical networks are

Patents (2018-Present)

Image for 11,073,373

Non-contact Coordinate Measuring Machine Using a Noncontact Metrology Probe

NIST Inventors
Josh Gordon
A non-contact coordinate measuring machine includes: a noncontact metrology probe including: first and second cameras, wherein the second camera has a second field of view that overlaps a first field of view in a prime focal volume; a third camera has a third field of view that overlaps the prime
Description of Patent 11,165,505

Quantum Atomic Receiving Antenna and Quantum Sensing of Radiofrequency Radiation

NIST Inventors
Josh Gordon and Christopher L. Holloway
A quantum atomic receiving antenna includes: a probe laser; a coupling laser; an atomic vapor cell that includes: a spherically shaped or parallelepiped-shaped atomic vapor space and Rydberg antenna atoms. These undergo a radiofrequency Rydberg transition to produce quantum antenna light from probe
Block diagram of the Rydberg atom "mixer". The Rydberg atoms separate the difference frequency (IF) from two RF signals (LO and SIG). This demodulated signal is carried in the probe laser.

Rydberg Atom Mixer and Determining Phase of Modulated Carrier Radiation

NIST Inventors
Josh Gordon , Christopher L. Holloway and Matt Simons
A Rydberg atom mixer determines a phase of modulated carrier radiation and includes: a reference radiofrequency source for reference radiofrequency radiation; a modulated carrier source for modulated carrier radiation; a vapor cell to contain gas atoms and that receives reference radiofrequency
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022