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Jonathan E. Hardis


Time and frequency from electrical power lines

Jonathan E. Hardis, Demetrios Matsakis, Blair Fonville
Due to the efforts of Henry Warren, inventor of the Telechron electric clock, electric power companies have been a source of time and frequency reference for

Study of CeI3 evaporation in the presence of Group 13 metal-iodides

John J. Curry, Albert Henins, E. G. Estupinan, S. D. Shastri, Jonathan E. Hardis, W. P. Lapatovich
The influence of GaI$_3$, InI, and TlI on the evaporation characteristics of CeI$_3$ have been studied over the temperature range 900 K to 1400 K using x-ray
Created October 9, 2019