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John T. Woodward IV

Dr. Woodward is a research physicist in the SIRCUS laboratory. His primary research involves creating a series of SI-traceable photometric measurements of stars using ground based astronomical instruments. To this end Dr. Woodward has helped develop a Telescope Calibration Facility (TCF) at NIST to perform spectrophotometric calibrations of long focal length optical instruments to be used as transfer standards in the calibration of large astronomical telescopes. Dr. Woodward also participates in the calibration of a variety of optical instruments used in remote sensing and enjoys exploring the uses of novel optical devices.

Prior to joining the SIRCUS lab, Dr. Woodward worked on the development of chemical force microscopy for examining chemically amplified photoresists used in EUV lithography. He worked on the fabrication and characterization of biomolecular surfaces for cell culture substrates and fundamental studies of biomolecules while with the Biomolecular Materials Group.

Research projects:

Spectral irradiance and radiance responsivity calibrations using uniform sources (SIRCUS)

NIST Stars

Telescope calibration facility


SI-Traceable Calibrations of Celestial Objects

Keith R. Lykke, Claire E. Cramer, John T. Woodward IV
Photometric calibration is currently the leading source of systematic uncertainty in supernova surveys that aim to determine the nature of dark energy. The bulk
Created May 31, 2018