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Jenny Wu (IntlAssoc)

Graduate student

Jenny is a graduate student working on ion-trap quantum computing with beryllium and magnesium ions. In the Ion Storage Group, she has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from the first demonstration of a teleported CNOT gate in trapped ions to more recent results involving the coherent control and manipulation of trapped-ion motional modes. Jenny graduated from the University of Toronto in 2017 and during her time there worked on many diverse research projects including light-based cancer treatments, ultrafast photonics, and ion trap design and theory.


Resource-efficient dissipative entanglement of two trapped-ion qubits

Daniel Cole, Stephen Erickson, Giorgio Zarantonello, Panyu Hou, Jenny Wu, Karl Horn, Daniel Slichter, Florentin Reiter, Christiane Koch, Dietrich Leibfried
We demonstrate a simplified method for generating an entangled state of two trapped-ion qubits. Our implementation produces its target state faster and with

Ion transport and reordering in a two-dimensional trap array

Yong Wan, Robert Jordens, Stephen Erickson, Jenny Wu, Ryan S. Bowler, Ting R. Tan, Panyu Hou, Andrew C. Wilson, Dietrich Leibfried
Scaling quantum information processors is a challenging task, requiring manipulation of a large number of qubits with high fidelity and a high degree of

Quantum Logic Spectroscopy with Ions in Thermal Motion

Daniel Kienzler, Yong Wan, Stephen Erickson, Jenny Wu, Andrew C. Wilson, David J. Wineland, Dietrich Leibfried
A mixed-species geometric phase gate has been proposed for implementing quantum logic spectroscopy on trapped ions, which combines probe and information
Created August 2, 2018, Updated May 15, 2023