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Jenny Wu (IntlAssoc)

Graduate student

Jenny is a graduate student working on ion-trap quantum computing with beryllium and magnesium ions. In the Ion Storage Group, she has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from the first demonstration of a teleported CNOT gate in trapped ions to more recent results involving the coherent control and manipulation of trapped-ion motional modes. Jenny graduated from the University of Toronto in 2017 and during her time there worked on many diverse research projects including light-based cancer treatments, ultrafast photonics, and ion trap design and theory.


Indirect Cooling of Weakly Coupled Trapped-Ion Mechanical Oscillators

Panyu Hou, Jenny Wu, Stephen Erickson, Giorgio Zarantonello, Adam Brandt, Daniel Cole, Andrew C. Wilson, Daniel Slichter, Dietrich Leibfried
Cooling the motion of trapped ions to near the quantum ground state is crucial for many ap- plications in quantum information processing and quantum metrology

Coherently coupled mechanical oscillators in the quantum regime

Panyu Hou, Jenny Wu, Stephen Erickson, Daniel Cole, Giorgio Zarantonello, Adam Brandt, Andrew C. Wilson, Daniel Slichter, Dietrich Leibfried
Coupled harmonic oscillators are ubiquitous in physics and play a prominent role in quantum science. They are a cornerstone of quantum mechanics and quantum

High-fidelity indirect readout of trapped-ion hyperfine qubits

Stephen Erickson, Jenny Wu, Panyu Hou, Daniel Cole, Shawn Geller, Alexander Kwiatkowski, Scott Glancy, Emanuel Knill, Daniel Slichter, Andrew C. Wilson, Dietrich Leibfried
We propose and demonstrate a protocol for high-fidelity indirect readout of trapped ion hyperfine qubits, where the state of a 9Be+ qubit ion is mapped to a

Resource-efficient dissipative entanglement of two trapped-ion qubits

Daniel Cole, Stephen Erickson, Giorgio Zarantonello, Panyu Hou, Jenny Wu, Karl Horn, Daniel Slichter, Florentin Reiter, Christiane Koch, Dietrich Leibfried
We demonstrate a simplified method for generating an entangled state of two trapped-ion qubits. Our implementation produces its target state faster and with

Dissipative preparation of W states in trapped ion systems

Daniel Cole, Jenny Wu, Stephen Erickson, Panyu Hou, Andrew C. Wilson, Dietrich Leibfried, Florentin Reiter
We present protocols for dissipative entanglement of three trapped-ion qubits, and we discuss in detail a scheme that uses sympathetic cooling as the
Created August 2, 2018, Updated May 15, 2023