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Jae Park (Assoc)


Dynamical Autler-Townes control of a phase qubit

Jian Li, G.S. Paraoanu, Katarina Cicak, Fabio Altomare, Jae Park, Raymond Simmonds, Mika A. Sillanpaa, Pertti Hakonen
We present an experimental demonstration of a phase qubit acting as an on/o® switch for the absorbtion of photons in a probe microwave beam. The switch is

Tripartite interactions between two phase qubits and a resonant cavity

Fabio Altomare, Jae Park, Katarina Cicak, Mika Sillanpaa, Michael S. Allman, Adam J. Sirois, Joshua Strong, Jed D. Whittaker, Raymond Simmonds
The ability to create and manipulate the entanglement of a large number of quantum systems lies at the heart of emerging quantum information technologies. Thus

Superfludity and phase transitions in a resonant Bose gas

Leo Radzihovsky, Peter B. Weichman, Jae Park
The atomic Bose gas is studied across a Feshbach resonance, mapping out its phase diagram, and computing its thermodynamics and excitation spectra. It is shown
Created December 8, 2019, Updated October 11, 2023