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Damian Lauria (Fed)

Computer scientist and laboratory automation specialist for the Laboratory Automation Group in the Office of Information Systems Management. This position involves license administration for the LabVIEW program at NIST, custom programming in support of ongoing research, and design and assembly of new automated testing systems. Research projects include hydrogen pipeline safety and fatigue, Charpy impact verification with instrumented strikers, electrochemical microscopy in biological applications, supercritical CO2 corrosion, and microbial noise measurements.



Member of the Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society (2016-Present)

The Alpha Sigma Nu honor society recognizes those students who distinguish themselves in scholarship, loyalty and service at a Jesuit institute of higher learning. Members are chosen based on a combination of high scholastic achievement and a demonstrated history of volunteer service to the community at large.

NIST MML distinguished associate award (2011)

Given in conjunction with the NIST silver medal, the second highest award presented by the United States Department of Commerce. This award recognizes achievement supporting critical objectives of the Department of Commerce with significant beneficial effect on the United States. "For providing critical data leading to new practices for acceptance testing of electronic components used in active implantable medical devices." 

RPCV (2011)

Status awarded for successful completion of a full term of Peace Corps service as a Small Enterprise Development volunteer in Togo, West Africa. 

Protiro "Above and Beyond" award (2007, 2008)


Created October 23, 2018, Updated June 15, 2021