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Cynthia J Zeissler (Assoc)

Physical Scientist

Cynthia Zeissler has expertise in particle microanalysis, contamination control, particle micro-manipulation, autoradiography, alpha spectroscopy, gamma spectrometry, optical crystallography, alpha and fission track-etch analysis, sample preparation, laser scanning confocal microscopy, ionizing radiation safety, quality, documentation, and general optical microscopy techniques.   (Link to more)


U.S. Department of Commerce GOLD MEDAL AWARD, October 2010, CJ Zeissler, AJ Fahey, GA Klouda, DE Newbury, NW Ritchie, JHJ Scott, DS Simons, JA Small, BB Thorne, SA Wight, "For delivery of the measurement science and standards that are the foundations for unequaled U.S. capabilities in support of nuclear non-proliferation"

U.S. Department of Commerce BRONZE MEDAL AWARD, December 2004, CJ Zeissler, "For extraordinary innovation in developing and applying spatially resolved radiation detection methods for homeland security and national defense."

Selected Publications

Radioactive Particle Analysis by Digital Autoradiography

Cynthia J. Zeissler, Richard M. Lindstrom, J P. McKinley
We have been exploring ways to evaluate the activity of radioactive particles that have been detected by phosphor plate digital autoradiography based on


Created March 26, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022