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Cara O'Malley (Fed)

Cara O’Malley is a mathematician on the Mission Critical Voice (MCV) team within PSCR. While her work mainly supports Quality of Experience projects and is focused on the acquisition and analysis of data, Cara also contributes to laboratory configuration, implementation, and metrology system deployments. She joined PSCR in June 2020 and found that year’s Digital Experience to be a great introduction and overview. Prior to on-boarding with NIST, Cara taught secondary mathematics at several school districts in Colorado; she is currently an active member of the NIST Educational Outreach Working Group. Cara holds a Master of Science in Mathematics from Emporia State University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Southern Illinois University. 


Discover STEM Education Resources

Cara O'Malley, Elizabeth Benham
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PSCR 2021: Pecha Kucha Portfolio Overviews

John Beltz, Scott Ledgerwood, Roger Blalock, Joe Grasso, John S. Garofolo, Jesse Frey, Cara O'Malley, Fernando Cintron, Bill Fisher, Gema Howell, Yee-Yin Choong, Jack Lewis, Paul Merritt, Edmond J. Golden III, Ian Soboroff, Craig Connelly, Gary Howarth, Brianna Vendetti, Katelynn Kapalo, Margaret Pinson
PSCR Research Portfolio Leaders join their staff to provide an overview of the projects housed within their PSCR portfolio. Each portfolio overview is delivered
Created June 23, 2020, Updated December 9, 2022