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Arlin B Stoltzfus

Arlin Stoltzfus received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Iowa  in molecular population genetics. He then converted to computational biology during a post-doctoral fellowship with W. Ford Doolittle.  He joined NIST in 1999 as a Research Biologist working at the NIST-UMD joint research center IBBR (formerly CARB).  In 2016 he became a data scientist with the MML Office of Data and Informatics.  He divides his time between ODI service and computer-based research.  
Sample Publications

Yu, G., and A. Stoltzfus. 2012. “Population diversity of ORFan genes in Escherichia coli.”. Genome Biol Evol 4(11):1176-87.

Rutger A. Vos, James P. Balhoff, Jason A. Caravas, Mark T. Holder, Hilmar Lapp, Wayne P. Maddison, Peter E. Midford, Anurag Priyam, Jeet Sukumaran, Xuhua Xia, Arlin Stoltzfus; NeXML: Rich, Extensible, and Verifiable Representation of Comparative Data and Metadata. Syst Biol 2012; 61 (4): 675-689.

Prosdocimi, F., B. Chisham, E. Pontelli, J. D. Thompson, and A. Stoltzfus. 2009. “Initial implementation of a comparative data analysis ontology.”. Evol Bioinform Online 5:47-66.

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T. Hladish, V. Gopalan, C. L. Liang, W. G. Qiu, P. J. Yang, and A. Stoltzfus. 2007. Bio::NEXUS: a Perl API for the NEXUS format for comparative biological data. BMC Bioinformatics 8:191.

V. Gopalan, W.G. Qiu, M.Z. Chen and A. Stoltzfus. 2006. Nexplorer: Phylogenetic browsing and manipulation of sequence family data. Bioinformatics 22(1):120-1.

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A. Stoltzfus. 1999. On the possibility of constructive neutral evolution. J. Mol. Evol. 49(2):169-181.

A. Stoltzfus, D.F. Spencer, M. Zuker, J.M. Logsdon, Jr.,and W.F. Doolittle. 1994. Testing the exon theory of genes: the evidence from protein structure. Science 265:202-7.

NIST-NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship:

2-year fellowship in computational studies of molecular evolution at NIST (US citizens only). $63,400 salary plus benefits, relocation expenses included. Application deadlines Feb. 1 and Aug. 1. Contact Arlin Stoltzfus if interested in writing proposal (3000 words).



Mutation-Biased Adaptation in a Protein NK Model

Arlin B. Stoltzfus
Evolutionary trends responsible for systematic differences in genome and proteome composition have been attributed to GC:AT mutation bias in the context of
Created May 21, 2019