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Anirudha Sahoo (Fed)


Patents (2018-Present)

Method And Apparatus For Optimal Dynamic Spectrum Access In LTE Systems

NIST Inventors
Anirudha Sahoo and Timothy A. Hall
A method and apparatus for optimal dynamic spectrum access (DSA) by a Secondary User (SU) in a Primary User (PU) LTE network is proposed. The cumulative hazard function from Survival Analysis is used to determine the probability of an SU successfully transmitting over a certain number of Physical
A line drawing describing the apparatus and method for dynamically controlling spectrum access

Apparatus and Method for Dynamically Controlling Spectrum Access

NIST Inventors
Timothy A. Hall and Anirudha Sahoo
A method and apparatus for spectrum access by secondary users in a dynamic spectrum access (DSA) system are provided. In a DSA system, a primary user (PU) has priority access to the channel. A secondary user (SU) can transmit opportunistically when the channel is idle, i.e., when the PU is not
Created May 31, 2018, Updated December 8, 2022