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Adam Brandt (Fed)

NRC Postdoctoral Fellow

I am an NRC postdoctoral fellow working in Quantum II - a lab currently dedicated to developing and demonstrating high-fidelity primitive operations necessary for quantum computation. In particular, we are currently working with Be+-Mg+-Be+ ion crystals in an RF Paul trap which constitute an interesting ``unit cell" for scaling up in the Quantum Charge Coupled Device (QCCD) architectures originally proposed in the early 2000's. With this crystal, we are interested in demonstrating the basic ingredients necessary for quantum computation using the internal states and/or the motional states of ions.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Physics in 2014 at Missouri State University and performed undergraduate research nano and mesoscale materials under Dr. Robert Mayanovic. Afterwards, I completed my Ph.D. under Dr. Dylan Yost at Colorado State University in 2021. While at CSU, I completed a high-precision spectroscopy measurement on atomic hydrogen, which also required quite a bit of laser development research.

Aside from quantum information style research, I am also generally interested in high-fidelity manipulation of atoms for metrology and fundamental physics research. Some examples include searches for physics-beyond-the-standard-model, probing nuclear structure, and high-precision frequency metrology. As a by-product, I am also interested in developing the laser systems necessary in these applications.

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Created August 19, 2021, Updated May 9, 2023