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Molecular Scrivener For Reading Or Writing Data To A Macromolecule

Patent Number: 11,507,135


A molecular scrivener reads data from or writes data to a macromolecule and includes: a pair of shielding electrodes; a scrivener electrode between the first and second shielding electrodes and that electrically floats at a third potential that, in an absence of a charged or dipolar moiety of the macromolecule, is intermediate between the first and second potentials and changes in a presence of the charged or dipolar moiety; a dielectric layer interposed between shielding electrodes and the scrivener electrode; and a nanopore that communicates the macromolecule through the electrodes and dielectric layers. Reading data from or writing data to a macromolecule includes: sequentially receiving, at the scrivener electrode, individual moieties of the macromolecule so that the third potential responds to individual moieties; communicating the macromolecule from the scrivener electrode to the second shielding electrode and from second shielding electrode to expel the macromolecule from the nanopore.



Created August 23, 2022, Updated December 15, 2023