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Light Article

Patent Number: 11,271,137


Methods are disclosed for uniformly charging nanocrystals. Using these methods large area interfaces per nanocrystal can be formed for electrically powering or operating nanocrystals. The formed metal- interfaces, including metal- semiconductor and semiconductor- semiconductor, are structurally uniform resulting in nanodevices with identical electro-optical properties on very large areas. Specifically, we disc lose methods for facet-selective passivation of nanocrystals and facet-selective charge injection.  Using these methods high-performance nanoscale light emitting diodes, lasers, and transistors can be fabricated with a broad range of applications ranging from deep-ultraviolet laser sources to trace detection of chemicals.

patent description

Our previous invention described how individual nanowires can be fabricated in-plane of a surface with controlled orientation and location. The current invention describes how such nanocrystals can be electrically powered up. This invention teaches how uniform interfaces can be formed with similar electro-optical properties. It shows how to selectively choose a nanocrystal facet for metallization or overgrowth with other semiconductors. It addresses the limited scale production of 2nd and 3rd generation semiconductor (non-silicon based) technologies and devices. The disclosed method doesn't have any limitation within the physical limits

Created September 19, 2022, Updated December 14, 2023