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Search Patents by Jacob Taylor

Patents listed here reflect only technologies patented from FY 2018-present. To view all of NIST's patented technologies, visit the NIST pages on the Federal Laboratory Consortium website.

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This image of a chart titled "How does it work" that describes the optomechanical reference.

Optomechanical Reference

NIST Inventors
Gordon A. Shaw and Jacob Taylor
An optomechanical reference includes a basal member; a flexure that includes: a floating link; a first flexural member; and a second flexural member such that: the floating link is moveably disposed; a first stator; a second stator; a first cavity including: a first primary mirror; a first secondary

Optomechnical Gravimeter

NIST Inventors
Jacob Taylor and Jon R. Pratt
An optomechanical gravimeter includes: a first and second accelerometer; and a spacer member interposed between the first accelerometer and the second accelerometer such that the first accelerometer and the second accelerometer independently include: a basal member; a test mass disposed on the basal
Photonic thermometer packages

Optical Temperature Sensor

NIST Inventors
Zeeshan Ahmed , Stephen Semancik , Jacob Taylor and Gregory F. Strouse
A thermometer includes a substrate; an optical resonator disposed on the substrate and including an optical resonance, the optical resonator being configured to receive a resonant frequency corresponding to the optical resonance; and a waveguide disposed on the substrate proximate to the optical

Superconducting Vortex-Based Microwave Circulator

NIST Inventors
Jacob Taylor
This invention consists of a design model of a microwave circulator reliant on the motion of a single persistent-current vortex in a small superconducting circuit of Josephson junctions to induce nonreciprocal behavior. The model indicates the capability of enabling a small-scale, moderate-bandwidth