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Compact Low-power Cryo-Cooling Systems For Superconducting Elements

Published Patent Application Numer: US 20220349628 A1


A compact, low power cryo-cooler for cryogenic systems capable of cooling gas to at least as low as 2.5 K. The cryo-cooler has a room temperature compressor followed by filtration. Within the cryostat, four counterflow heat exchangers precool the incoming high-pressure gas using the outflowing low-pressure gas. The three warmest heat exchangers are successively heat sunk to three stages of a pulse tube to absorb residual heat from the slight ineffectiveness of the heat exchangers. The pulse tube cold head also absorbs loads from instrumentation leads and radiation loads. The pulse tube stages operate at around 80 K, 25 K, and 10 K. The entire system—cryo-cooler, drive and control electronics, and detector instrumentation, fits in a standard electronics rack mount enclosure, and requires around 300 W or less of power.

Created September 20, 2023, Updated December 15, 2023