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Body Cube And Process For Culturing Tissue

Published Patent Application Numer: 2021/0324312 A1


This invention describes a microphysiologic body cube that holds multiple organ chips and that can be operated with near physiologic amounts of blood surrogate. The invention can be used to culture multiple tissues with near-physiologic amounts of blood surrogate within one systems. Microphysiologic systems with several organ compartments have previously been developed, but none can operate with such low amounts of liquid. Most devices require 10 to 50 times as much liquid than would be physiologic. Here, we achieved nearphysiologic amounts of blood through 3D integration and low-volume reservoirs. Both reduce the length of interconnecting fluidic channels and with that the device volumes filled with liquid. When microphysiologic devices contain too much liquid, the results of drug testing experiments are less reliable than those obtained with our new device because toxic metabolites produced inside those systems are diluted.

Created September 19, 2022, Updated December 14, 2023