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Minecraft Video Challenge

Welcome to the Minecraft Measurement Units Video Challenge!

Your Challenge (should you choose to accept it):
Create one or more video clips in Minecraft that teaches others about what the seven units of the International System of Measurement (SI) are or why they are important in a fun way.

Post a link to your completed videos in the comments on YouTube.

Your Reward:
Possible eternal glory!


  1. The total running length of each clip should be no longer than 20 seconds.
  2. Only one SI unit should be featured per clip.
  3. Videos must be G-rated.
  4. Do your own work, please.

The seven base SI units are:

  1. Meter(m)—length,used for measuring the distance between things
  2. Second(s)—time, there are 60 of them in a minute
  3. Ampere(A)—an amount of electric current, quite shocking
  4. Candela(cd)—brightness, the amount of useful light (light humans can see by) an object emits
  5. Kelvin(K)—temperature, this unit tells you how hot or cold something is
  6. Kilogram(kg)—mass, a measure of the amount of matter an object has, related to, but not the same as, weight
  7. Mole(mol)—an Avogadro's number's worth of "entities," like a chemist's, as opposed to a baker's, dozen (One mole of something has 6.022 x 1023 atoms or molecules.)

For more exacting definitions, see the NIST reference on constants, units, and uncertainty.

For a charming and practical explanation of the SI units and a few of the derived units, see this video done by our friends at the U.K.'s National Physical Laboratory.

Good luck!


Minecraft Measurement Units Video Challenge
Minecraft Measurement Units Video Challenge



Created April 17, 2014, Updated January 6, 2017