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Statistics Task Group

The FSSB’s Statistics Task Group is primarily comprised of at least one member from each OSAC subcommittee to provide a statistician’s perspective for the subcommittee. Task group members are selected based on their experience applying statistics in the physical sciences or other types of experimental science. In most cases, if not all, the person’s primary professional role is as a statistical expert in an academic, government, or industrial setting. The group is available for consulting with the FSSB and all OSAC committees on statistics related issues. Task group members work together to gather and submit their comments on standards, technical publications, definitions, and other OSAC and FSSB documents, with an emphasis on their statistical issues related to forensic science results.


Danica Ommen, Task Group Chair, Iowa State University (member of OSAC's Ignitable Liquids, Explosives, & Gunshot Residue Subcommittee)

Vacant, Task Group Vice Chair

Vacant, Task Group Executive Secretary


David Banks (OSAC affiliate)

Georgiy Bobashev, RTI (OSAC affiliate)

Alicia Carriquiry, Iowa State University (member of OSAC's Footwear & Tire Subcommittee)

James Curran, University of Auckland (OSAC affiliate)

Simone Gittelson, District of Columbia Department of Forensic Sciences (member of OSAC's Human Forensic Biology Subcommittee)

Will Guthrie, National Institute of Standards and Technology (FSSB Statistics Task Group liaison)

David Kaye, Pennsylvania State University (FSSB Vice Chair)

Kori Khan, Iowa State University (member of OSAC's Forensic Nursing Subcommittee)

Mark Lancaster, Battelle (member of OSAC's Facial Identification Subcommittee and Forensic Odontology Subcommittee)

Amanda Luby, Swarthmore College (member of OSAC's Friction Ridge Subcommittee)

James Lyle, National Institute of Standards and Technology (OSAC affiliate)

Abhyuday Mandal, University of Georgia (member of OSAC's VITAL Subcommittee)

Cedric Neumann, South Dakota State University (member of OSAC's Forensic Toxicology Subcommittee and Seized Drugs Subcommittee)

Jack Prothero, National Institute of Standards and Technology (affiliate member of OSAC's Speaker Recognition Subcommittee)


Stacy Renfro, Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) (OSAC affiliate)

Christopher Saunders, South Dakota State University (member of OSAC's Wildlife Forensic Biology Subcommittee)

Michael Smith, Federal Bureau of Investigation (member of OSAC's Trace Materials Subcommittee)

Hal Stern, University of California, Irvine (OSAC affiliate)

Larry Tang, University of Central Florida (member of OSAC's Ignitable Liquids, Explosives, & Gunshot Residue Subcommittee)

Haonan Wang, Colorado State University (affiliate member of OSAC's Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Subcommittee)

Alan Zheng, National Institute of Standards and Technology (member of OSAC's Firearms & Toolmarks Subcommittee)

Created May 15, 2020, Updated March 14, 2022