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OSAC Registry Implementation: Prepare/Learn

The standards implementation process is not a task of just a few chosen people. Everyone – from upper management to individual practitioners – needs to be involved in the process. 

Initially focused on forensic science service providers (FSSPs), the OSAC Registry Implementation Plan also focuses on prosecutors, defense attorneys and the courts. FSSPs are encouraged to implement standards into their operations proactively while it is under their control rather than being reactive to address questions in court. As standards implementation becomes more prevalent, expert witnesses will increasingly encounter questions about whether they conform with standards listed on the OSAC Registry. 

Tips for Success:

  • Become familiar with the OSAC Registry and the standards that are applicable to your organization. Most standards on the OSAC Registry are available at no cost. For example, ASB and ASTM provide free access to their forensic science standards. There are some standards on the OSAC Registry, however, that are not free. This is because standards developing organizations (SDOs) have expenses they must cover to remain solvent and those expenses are normally covered, in part, through the sale of standards to non-members. For information about the various SDOs OSAC works with and how to access standards on the OSAC Registry, see the Access to Standards webpage on the OSAC website. You can also consider joining an SDO to engage in the standards development process to shape the future of the field.
  • There are many standards on the Registry overall, but a much smaller number that are specific to each discipline. FSSPs should focus on becoming familiar with those standards that are applicable to their organization and discipline(s).
  • Visit the What We Do webpage to see and download a list of the OSAC proposed and SDO published standards that are in the Registry approval pipeline and may be added to the Registry in the coming months. 
Created March 14, 2023, Updated December 27, 2023