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OSAC Code of Responsibility

OSAC logo

To ensure the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science accomplishes its mission, aims, and organizational priorities, all applicants shall agree to adhere to this Code of Responsibility which applies to all members and affiliates of the Forensic Science Standards Board, Interdisciplinary Committees, Scientific Area Committees, Subcommittees, Scientific & Technical Review Panels, and Task Groups. 

In accepting any position in the Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science, I am making the following commitments:

  1. I will treat fellow OSAC participants with integrity, dignity, honesty, respect, and fairness, recognizing and giving ample and appropriate time to dissenting opinions.
  2. I will read and comply with the Charter & Bylaws, Terms of Reference, and Organizational Priorities. 
  3. I agree to actively serve in my appointed position and will devote the time necessary to fulfill my responsibilities. I will do my best to attend and be prepared for all OSAC events & assignments in my area of responsibility. I will be knowledgeable of the issues before me and engage in clear and accurate communication and exchange of ideas with fellow OSAC participants. I will notify my Chair if I am unable to fulfill my duties for more than 45 consecutive days and will step aside from my responsibility if I cannot fulfill my duties for a period of greater than 60 consecutive days.
  4. I will promote a free exchange of information about OSAC through regularly distributed communications media (e.g., In-Brief, OSAC Newsletter, OSAC Standards Bulletin, OSAC Annual Report or requesting updates to the content on the OSAC website). I will promote mentoring and the recruitment of new OSAC participants.
  5. I will not pursue private interests at the expense of OSAC. I will recuse myself from any discussion and votes where I have, or can reasonably be perceived to have, a conflict of interest.
  6. I will avoid any person and professional conduct that places or could be construed to place the OSAC in the position of endorsing products or services for my financial gain or the financial gain of my employer.
  7. I will provide a complete and accurate representation of my education, training, experience, and expertise and qualifications. 
  8. I will conduct myself in a professional manner at OSAC meetings and other events at which I am representing OSAC.
  9. I will respect the confidentiality of all documents developed withing the OSAC that the FSSB or the SAC Chair has not authorized for release to the public by not sharing those documents or their contents with individuals outside of OSAC unless I have received written approval from the FSSB or the SAC Chair.

I have read this document, have received and read the documents referred to within the Code of Responsibility, understand the commitments required of me, and will adhere to this Code. I understand that failure to meet any of these commitments may bring into question my willingness and ability to serve in this position and I may be required to relinquish my OSAC position.

approved by forensic science standards board / version 2/ september 3, 2020
Created July 8, 2020, Updated January 12, 2021