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NIST Beneath the Waves

They may not be as financially rewarding as a Spanish galleon full of gold doubloons, but the sunken vessels and other objects that NIST researcher Tim Foecke and his colleagues have helped study, and in some cases, helped preserve, are still treasures. Share the adventures of our historical metallurgists as they take “NIST Beneath the Waves.”

NIST Reveals How Tiny Rivets Doomed a Titanic Vessel

The RMS Titanic leaving port
The RMS Titanic sets forth from Southampton, England, on its maiden …  and final voyage in April 1912.
Credit: National Museums Northern Island

Preserving the Spirit of a Mighty Ship—and the Environment Around It

Aerial shot of the USS Arizona Memorial
The USS Arizona Memorial rests atop the sunken remains of the once-mighty warship in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Credit: National Park Service

NIST Helps Restore a Blast (Off) from the Past

The Saturn V F-1 engine sitting on the ocean floor
The thrust chamber of a Saturn V F-1 engine on the ocean floor, as seen where it sat for more than 40 years.
Credit: Bezos Expeditions
Created June 19, 2017, Updated June 28, 2017