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Security Segmentation in a Small Manufacturing Environment

Michael Powell, John Hoyt, Aslam Sherule, Lynette Wilcox
Manufacturers are increasingly targeted in cyber-attacks. Small manufacturers are particularly vulnerable due to limitations in staff and resources to operate

Administering Accessible Vote by Mail Systems

Lynn Baumeister, Whitney Quesenbery, Sharon J. Laskowski
Accessible vote by mail (AVBM) provides options for voters with disabilities to complete their absentee or vote by mail ballots independently and privately

Eliciting Lessons from Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) for Natural Disaster Resilience Planning and Recovery During the COVID-19 Pandemic: SME Complex Event Resilience

Jennifer F. Helgeson, Juan F. Fung, Yating Zhang, Alfredo R. Roa Henriquez, Ariela Zycherman, Claudia Nierenberg, David T. Butry, Donna H. Ramkissoon
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up 44% of U.S. economic activities and are the lifeline for many local economies, employing 59 million people in

Overview of the TREC 2019 Deep Learning Track

Ellen M. Voorhees, Nick Craswell, Bhaskar Mitra, Daniel Campos, Emine Yilmaz
The Deep Learning Track is a new track for TREC 2019, with the goal of studying ad hoc ranking in a large data regime. It is the first track with large human

Case Studies in Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management: Mayo Clinic

Jon M. Boyens, Celia Paulsen, Nadya Bartol, Kris Winkler, James Gimbi
The Case Studies in Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management series engaged with several companies that are leaders in managing cyber supply chain risk. These case