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2020 Bronze Medal Award


The group is recognized for its fortitude and unity in providing NIST a sustainable self-service portal in preparation for a technology platform change, while managing limited resources due to competing priorities. Through this accomplishment, NIST staff retained self-service capabilities to which they have grown accustomed, and gained a simplified interface enhancing the user experience. NIST also gained a portal template for use by other portals creating consistency, which leverages built-in functionality and has full vendor support.


Stef Britton

Computer Scientist
Management Resources, Office of Information Systems Management, Applications Systems Division

Kellie Beall

IT Program Manager
Management Resources, Business Operations Office

Sergio Marroquin

IT Specialist (Sys Analysis)
Office of Information Systems Management

Yanhong Liu

Computer Scientist
Office of Information Systems Management

Paul Davidson

IT Project Manager
Office of Information Systems Management

Rachel Glenn

Supervisory IT Specialist (Customer Support)
Associate Director for Management Resources

Yali Zhang

Supervisory IT Specialist (Applications Software)
Office of Information Systems Management