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2018 Silver Medal Award

Shinder, Boyd, Filla, Johnson

Shinder, Boyd, Filla, Johnson


Awarded for achievements in science and engineering. The group is honored for developing a novel one-tenth-scale smokestack simulator and associated gas-flow standards to enable accurate and traceable measurements of the turbulent and swirling gas flow found in industrial smokestacks, enabling the use of emissions measurements for improving the efficiency of industrial processes, the accuracy of emissions inventories, and the quantification of the effect of gas turbulence on flow measurements. The group is working with industry to compare the results to actual smokestack measurement and to disseminate the results to stakeholders. 


James Filla

IT Specialist
Office of Information Systems Management

Mohammad Khalil

Mechanical Engineer
Office of Facilities and Property Management

Joey Boyd

Engineering Technician
Physical Measurement Laboratory

Aaron Johnson

Mechanical Engineer
Physical Measurement Laboratory

Iosif Shinder

Physical Measurement Laboratory