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2018 Safety Award

Connelly, Saidi, Thompson

Connelly, Saidi, Thompson


The team is recognized for the development and execution of rigorous safety protocols, training, and infrastructure to support the NIST Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Flight and Payload Challenge. The challenge was focused on innovative UAS designs capable of deploying first-responder communications systems into areas where there is limited to no communications infrastructure (e.g., to help combat wildland fires). The team designed a first-of-its-kind safety plan for large (4 x 6 foot) UAS demonstrations to ensure participant safety during the challenge's evaluation process. The team's meticulous planning and preparation resulted in a successful, safe event, which advanced NIST's understanding of how drones can be used to support first-responders. 


Craig Connelly

Prize Competition and Challenge Specialist
Communications Technology Laboratory

Andrew Thompson

Student Trainee Administrative and Office Support
Communications Technology Laboratory

Kamel Saidi

Mechanical Engineer
Engineering Laboratory