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2018 George A. Uriano Award

Feeney, Hedberg

Feeney, Hedberg


Ms. Barnard Feeney and Mr. Hedberg are recognized for leading advances to standards-based communication between engineering, manufacturing and metrology that have reduced manufacturing cycle time by 75 percent and improved part quality. Industry’s vision of using digital models throughout the manufacturing enterprise is hampered by a lack of sufficiently expressive 3D product models, and software able to process and use those models. The team proactively partnered with industry and software developers to remedy these deficiencies, directly resulting in adoption of standards and technologies in new market segments. The new capabilities reduce manual data re-entry while cutting the cost of data exchange by reducing dependence on proprietary formats.


Allison Barnard Feeney

Supervisory Mechanical Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Thomas D. Hedberg, Jr.

Research Mechanical Engineer
Engineering Laboratory