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2018 Colleagues' Choice Award

K. Martin

K. Martin


Mr. Martin is widely recognized at NIST as being its internal “history champion.” His official position is librarian, yet he has gone above and beyond to fulfill NIST’s need for preserving its history. As Pat Gallagher noted when he served as NIST director, “Our history defines our current capabilities. It also encourages our current and future aspirations and efforts.” Martin’s well-written articles about fascinating and little-known triumphs of NIST’s history educate and inspire our staff so that they know who we are as an organization and the heights we can reach. In the past year, Martin has expanded his audience beyond the NIST intranet to the general public via the NIST "Taking Measure" blog. His writing skills surpass even some professional writers and his posts have generated positive interaction with the public, as well as high-profile media coverage of NIST. 


Keith Martin

Management Resources