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2018 Bronze Medal Award

Bradley, Lauria, Slifka, Connolly

Bradley, Lauria, Slifka, Connolly


The group is recognized for the development and use of a high-pressure chamber for in-situ mechanical testing of structural materials in H2 environments. The accomplishment is significant given these first-ever measurements provided direct evidence for two H2 embrittlement mechanisms — evidence provided via the design and fabrication of a chamber with strict geometric and material constraints and substantial safety considerations and collaborative efforts. The results have considerably advanced measurement science in physical infrastructure, with impacts including an increased understanding of reliable storage and transportation methods, new fields of research for neutron and synchrotron beamlines, and technology transfer to an international user facility.


Damian Lauria

Computer Scientist
Office of Information Systems Management

Peter E. Bradley

Mechanical Engineer
Material Measurement Laboratory

Matthew Connolly

Material Measurement Laboratory

Andrew Slifka

Materials Research Engineer
Material Measurement Laboratory