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2017 Eugene Casson Crittenden Award




Ms. Merritt is recognized for her excellent customer service, ingenuity, and dedication in promoting NIST-wide Human Resources activities and programs that impact the NIST community. She skillfully performs the multiple, demanding facets of her job with grace and aplomb while exuding a calm demeanor and "can do" attitude. She continuously looks for ways to streamline or create work efficiencies, two examples being the in-house preparation of retirement certificates resulting in cost savings and time efficiencies, and the development of an awards database which provides information or reports with ease. Her attention to detail is instrumental to ensure the DOC and NIST awards processes are adhered to and timely. Moreover, her ability to build and maintain strong relationships with vendors and NIST entities resulted in progressively more diverse and interactive opportunities for the NIST community during OHRM's annual Health and Well-NIST fairs.


Myja Merritt

Human Resources Assistant
Office of Human Resources Management