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2017 Bronze Medal Award

Lin-Gibson, Lund, Sarkar

Lin-Gibson, Lund, Sarkar


The team is recognized for developing a paradigm-shifting approach to addressing an immediate measurement-assurance need for an emerging industry that develops and manufactures cellular therapies. A primary measurement for this industry is the accurate count of numbers of cells, particularly before administering a therapeutic dose to a patient. The team developed a unique approach based on an adaptive experimental design and statistical analysis framework to evaluate and compare the quality of cell-counting measurements for a wide range of applications. This framework, developed within six months, has been implemented by industry and academic centers to improve confidence in cell-counting measurements.


Sheng Lin-Gibson

Supervisory Research Chemist
Material Measurement Laboratory

Sumona Sarkar

Biomedical Engineer
Material Measurement Laboratory, Biosystems and Biomaterials Division

Steven Lund

Mathematical Statistician
Information Technology Laboratory