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2016 Silver Medal Award

Kuligowski, Butry, Cauffman, McAllister

Kuligowski, Butry, Cauffman, McAllister


The group is recognized for outstanding leadership in the development of the Community Resilience Planning Guide for Buildings and Infrastructure Systems. The guide “operationalizes” community resilience, using a six-step process to help communities think through and plan for their particular hazards, their social and economic needs post-event, and recovery of the built environment. The nominees' extraordinary public outreach efforts, including five regional workshops, public comment periods, federal agency engagement, and targeted outreach to key stakeholders, were critical to success. 


Therese McAllister

Supervisory Research Structural Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Erica Kuligowski

Supervisory Fire Protection Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

Stephen Cauffman

Research Engineer
Engineering Laboratory

David Butry

Engineering Laboratory