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2016 Silver Medal Award

Potts, Jennison, Bollinger, Boisclair, Brusko, Meyer, Rodriguez, Caraway, Schulz

Group: Potts, Jennison, Bollinger, Boisclair, Brusko 
Individuals: Meyer, Rodriguez, Caraway and Schulz


The group is honored for successfully meeting the Presidential Performance Contracting Challenge for energy-efficiency upgrades in federal buildings. Their work resulted in awarding two complex, alternative-financed energy-saving performance contracts valued at over $125 million, which is 970% of the Commerce Department’s commitment of $12 million under President Obama’s challenge. These projects will result in guaranteed annual energy bill savings ranging from $4.4 million in year one, after the projects’ acceptance and commissioning, to $7.2 million in year 22, the last year of the contract. 

The honorees from OFPM are:
Michael Boisclair, John Bollinger, Bernard Brusko, Stephen Jennison, David Meyer, George Potts, Jessica Caraway, Ruben Rodriguez, Jr., Benjamin Schulz

Organizational AWARD

Energy Savings Contract Team