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2016 Judson C. French Award

He, Lund, Cole, Almeida, Choquette

He, Lund, Cole, Almeida, Choquette


The team of Dr. He, Ms. Almeida, Dr. Choquette, Dr. Lund and Dr. Cole has produced the first of a new generation of diagnostic standards based on DNA from cancerous cells. The amplification or over-expression of the gene for the HER2 protein occurs in some breast and gastrointestinal cancers, and accurate measurement is important to ensure proper and effective treatment. The National Cancer Institute’s clinical laboratories are now using diagnostic tests based on measurements of DNA, and NIST SRM 2373 has enabled test manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to produce the secondary reference materials required to ensure accurate and reliable clinical measurements of HER2.


Hua-jun He

Material Measurement Laboratory

Jamie Almeida

Biological Science Technician
Material Measurement Laboratory

Kenneth Cole

Supervisory Research Chemist
Material Measurement Laboratory

Steven Choquette

Director, Office of Reference Materials, Supervisory Research Chemist
Material Measurement Laboratory

Steven Lund

Mathematical Statistician
Information Technology Laboratory